I would first, like to start off by saying, I am not one who usually completes reviews and ratings. However, after my prior situations with “Study Moose” I felt it was imperative, that I definitely assist someone else with dodging the bullet.

I am a full time student, I also work a full time job. My work schedule and school schedule have began to conflict with one another often. I try to be considerate of the fact that life happens, this is a company and I am not the only individual that they are trying to provide a service to.

Anywho, when working with this agency I have always received the shorter end of the stick. I have had an instance where a paper was delivered, and the format and completion of the paper looked as if a child in 5th grade completed it, versus the nerds with master degrees.

Please be mindful this moose had 5 full days to complete the paper. The paper was not only incomplete but submitted after the requested deadline. On yesterday, I decided to give the agency an additional try. That was the worst mistake ever!

I needed an assignment completed by 11:55PM, upon contacting them they informed me that the nerd would need 6 hours. I initially asked for the paper to be completed by 11:00PM CST, however, being considerate I told the operator that the nerd could have an additional 40 minutes.

Needless to say, not only was the operator least helpful, but the paper was not completed until 11:57PM. With this being said, the deadline had passed and I was no longer able to submit the assignment. I requested a full refund and request was denied. I believe that is cruel and unfair. I am furious I could have taken time off to complete my assignment on today but I trust this business when I shouldn’t have! I am now out of my money ($400 dollars) and also have received an F, because I depended on them when I shouldn’t have.

PLEASE STAY AWAY! Seek other writing services. I have even sent referrals to this company and this is the way they repay me? I will never spend another penny here and I will inform as many people as possible to stay away along with the proof and reasons as to why! You guys please trust me STAY AWAY!

Beware of Scams: Due to the increasing number of phishing scams, visit only official writing services websites. Scam and Fraud!

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