Review Scam and Fraud!

My real review on Prompt service:

I’ve used this service to improve my writing. I gave the writer 4 days and paid $94. Then I got a call from the writer on the last day (deadline day), that what I have done is all wrong, and the writer must redo the entire work, but I have to pay 94 dollars more.

I refused and I would like to get the solution for what I have paid for improving my paper. They havn’t got it, so I asked for my refund. They refused, so I opened a PayPal dispute resolution. They threatened me to close the dispute or else I won’t get the solution nor my refund. Moreover, they threatened me to contact my university and my professor.

WARNING: do not do that. Once you close the dispute, you will not able to do anything if you don’t receive the solution or your refund!!!

P.s. the first call, I couldn’t understand a word because of his accent. The second call, it wasn’t easy either, especially when he talked fast. I’m not so sure whether they are the same person or not, but I guess.. they both have Indian accents and the same number is used to contact me

Beware of Scams: Due to the increasing number of phishing scams, visit only official writing services websites.

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