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My real review on PayMeToDoYourHomework service:

These people charged me $117 for nothing. They claim to have PHDs and experts to help us but they will literally send you crap, you will lose money and peace of mind. I sent an accounting assignment which is for second year BBA program but they could not calculate taxable income and just kept sending me incorrect answers.

I even sent a description on how to solve it but they could not fix it. Even when they charged me as per due date, the only solution they came up with was, “we will review it and fix it”. Anyone who is giving them more than 1 star is probably just their own people writing the review. Rest if anyone wants to still try, they will find out after spending their money and time.

Another reviews:

That was simply RUBBISH, received my assignment half done and get 27/100, waste of time and money. It was a big mistake to trust these people, they make you feel that you’re going to get the best mark and everything fine but the reality is they don’t know what they are doing unless its a 2nd grade maths assignment.

I recommend you not to deal with them, if you assignment is something about solving 2+2 still don’t trust them to complete this task, they are rubbish.

#2 by our visitor

I had a really bad experience with this order number 236119326 , they have taken 5 days to find the writer, and I ordered in only 3 days. I lost my time to contact with support over the phone and massages, but for nothing. They keep me waiting for nothing ,every time I contacted with them, they asked my more time to find the writer, I have given them two days more, but for nothing. I lost my grade because the deadline, and my time because they keep me waiting for nothing, and I also lost my money too. I don’t think I will order from this PayMetoDoYourHomework website again.

Beware of Scams: Due to the increasing number of phishing scams, visit only official writing services websites.

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