NoNeedToStudy.Com Review

I was tired and needed help. I reviewed many sites before choosing this one! I am a straight A student and was exhausted from overtime at work. I have NEVER used a service, but money was not an object compared to the exhaustion I was experiencing.

I paid and contacted the writer letting him know that there was actually 2 hours more than the 4 or 6 hours that I paid $320.00 for to include a paper of 8 pages. I ended up doing the entire paper with the exception of the section he agreed to do which I received 10mins before deadline, so I had that section completed and submitted as well upon receiving his work.

It was 2 1/2 pages for $320.00 which I could not use. It had multiple errors and I am now fearful of these site as I feel ripped off and lied to. I felt that I was made to feel guilty when he asked for 16 hours and I paid for a 6 hour turnaround. Never again! I’ll write my own! They claim to meet deadlines but that changes when money exchanges accounts.

***Fraud Fraud Fraud **** I gave my assignment 6 days ago and they asked me to pay $105.00, I paid full amount and my assignment was a 7.3 pg document. Now the dead line is crossed and i will fail my class as its a final paper. When i contact the CS chat they asked 2 days more. I do not understand what will i do with the GPA goes down and should retake the class for 3 months. Guys they are big time fraud do not trust them they will not even bother to reply you once u pay the money.

So is Noneedtostudy legit and realiable? No!

Beware of Scams: Due to the increasing number of phishing scams, visit only official writing services websites. scam and fraud!

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