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Justdomyhomework.com scam and fraud!

My real review on Justdomyhomework service:

Had a task that I paid $214 to be done with about a week to do it, it came to the day before it was due and I get an email saying it has been cancelled and refunded. When I ask why they told me the person doing it has no bandwidth and they wont be available for 12 days.

I asked if they could discount the order since it was missed, they told me “Sorry, we can only refund for an order that has missed the deadline” so I checked their FAQ and found “If we fail to deliver the work on time, you will get it for free.”

I showed that and then they told me, OK I can have it for free but it will take 1-2 months and they couldn’t tell me a date.

I asked to talk to a manager they told me they were talking on his behalf. I will update this review once I receive the assignment (If I receive it).


Asked about my assignment today (17 days after it was due), in short I was told they can’t give me a time because they have “paying customers” to do first and will do it when they don’t have anything else to do. (I was a paying customer before they cancelled and refunded my order not at my request 1 day before my deadline).

They told me they don’t owe me anything as they have refunded the money so they can take as long as they want maybe a week maybe 10 years. I was told “This is the type of customer you deserve dear”, I think they meant customer service?

I was told towards the end of the conversation when asking about the bandwidth issue with my assigned writer; “Sorry, we have been requested not to take orders from you by our manager due to the negative feedback”.

When I asked to talk to the manager again they told me they are speaking on his behalf only. I asked How can i get in touch with him and they told me I can’t.

I looked in their faq and it had where I could send him an email and I told them that they told me to try that. I have left it at that for now, I will update more when I get more information.

Beware of Scams: Due to the increasing number of phishing scams, visit only official writing services websites.

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