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IvoryResearch Pros:
They are reviewing it currently. There were some good points added in to the paper that if anything I can use to write the paper if they fall short on the revision.

IvoryResearch Cons:
The writer I got was clearly not a native English speaker, There are a lot of sentences that tend to not make any scene what so ever or that they were fillers. Best description. There are also sentences that seem to be there just for filler so that they could try to reach a total of 5 pages. I also requested 5 pages and I only have four and a half (4 1/2) pages. The writer also added in source information that is not even documented in other words they made up information. The source material I provided was all the information that the writer needed. They also didn’t follow the format requested.

Other thoughts:
I chose Ivory Research service because I didn’t want to bother with a paper that was not really that important to me grade wise. It’s a pretty simple paper. Since it was simple and really wouldn’t affect my grade I figured I would give this a try to see what it would be like and to see what quality one could expect. I figured that if they could not do a simple paper then there would be no way that I could trust them or such a service for something much more complicated. We will see how the revision goes but I am going to start working on my paper and possibly use some of the key points that the writer provided, the ones that are factual that is…

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