GradesFixer Scam and Fraud!

Written by our student (verified orders №420, №422):
Their writers are terrible. They always deliver poor quality papers that I have to spend more time correcting it that what I would have if I wrote it my self. Their papers are full of fluff, grammar mistakes and $#*! irrelevant to your topic. Their “all writer” option means “crappy paper”. They do this so you can use the so called “Top 10 writers” which also means “better crappy paper”. Their costs are unreasonable compared to their $#*!ty service. If you have to, look for another website or ask your friend.
Listen kids, you get into sketchy activities, and you get sketchy results. Ordering with these guys is like flipping a coin, you might get a good paper but oh trust me, when it’s bad, it is bad!

Sent by anonymous (verified order №473):
They started the evening before and when they emailed the evening before before they started i said an evenings worth of writing wouldn’t be enough to cover the criteria and said i would do it myself and asked for a refund. I was refused however and assured that the work would be up to a professional standard. It was not, i failed the whole unit and have lost $170. The woman who dealt with me when I was asking for a refund was rude and unhelpful, if you want help with your essays do not use this service.

Beware of Scams: Due to the increasing number of phishing scams, visit only official writing services websites.

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