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Each student wants to get the highest grade for his work and works hard to reach an A-level in his success. However, the volume of written work, given to a student is often so great, that he misses often spelling and stylistic mistakes in his essay. It usually happens: a person, who knows perfectly the subject is “jammed” by the time, given for him to write essays on several topics. Being in a hurry to finish everything in terms, given to him by his teacher, the student misses mistakes, misspells letters, uses the same phrase on one page several times. Thus, the “Grade My Essay” services (there are several of them today, available for free and for low prices) help students to find mistakes in their written works before they send them to their teachers.

These services help students to improve their writing skills, find their own style for essays on different topics. The aim of these services and applications is to let students feeling, that writing an essay is not only a “must do” work. It can be a pleasure and a process, which will increase their self-esteem. It happens often, that a student, who hated to death written work before, starts to enjoy the process of this form of education . Some of these people even take extra tasks to reach higher grade in education.

Use Essay Grader

Who Can Rate my Paper Online?

These services, detecting plagiarism and finding out if the text is unique, checking grammar and spelling do a double job. Using an paper grader service (and there is even an Android based application for the lowest price)? The student does not get only the “automatically” checked and corrected essay. He sees mistakes, used more often and in future works avoids making them again. The essay grader checks and “grades” your work, leaving comments on your essay, your stylistics, gives you recommendations on written works on different subjects. The default program comments are real, written by the best English professors. You can change the options of the app and add some personal comments.

The other essay rater services are available online. You should not download anything or pay money for their usage. The easiest one is paper rater, checking your essays for spelling and grammar, for plagiarism and scoring the written work. The basic resource is free. It lets you rating up to five pages of an essay. Premium level, with no ads, ability to rate up to 20 pages of your text, enhanced level of searching for plagiarism, is paid for, but it is very cheap and affordable for each student. Using an essay rater service, students upgrade their level of educations, reaching A grades.

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