E-Writers.top (Ewriters.pro & Ewriters.name) Review

Ewriters.pro & E-Writers.top scam and fraud!

My real review on “Ewriters” service:

For every project that I requested, I got a copied identical version from the internet. If the version wasn’t 100% identical, then they would just change the names of a few things, but everything else was still the same.

I would request 5 revisions on the project and they would turn the exact same thing without any editing or following my instructions. I personally believe that people behind this service know nothing about what they give you as a result, their etire job is to find the project or essay, or anything somewhere on the web, or in any other source.

They don’t personally do any of the stuff they turn in, because if they try – you get a message that the tutor is not capable of doing the job. I literally had to pay $150 for an exact copy of a project that you can find among the first Google search results after typing the name.

All of the people that give this fake service 5 stars – they either don’t care if they get plagiarized work, or they are getting paid to lie in a review, or they just work for the service.

I thought it’s just me who is unlucky, but both of my friends got the exact same problem – either the tutor was incapable of doing the stuff, but made you pay for his efforts (all of which is probably just trying to find the project in Google, and if it’s not there – just write the client that the project is too hard), or make people pay for their ability to use Copy/Paste.

Beware of Scams: Due to the increasing number of phishing scams, visit only official writing services websites.

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