Review Scam and Fraud!

Full real reviews on Calltutors service:

I am extremely disappointed in their work. I paid $172 for a homework assignment that I needed a good grade on to keep my grade at an A. I am taking 19 credit hours and working 50 hours a week to survive, so I was really counting on them.

I got a 30/50 on the assignment and dropped my class grade to a B+. When I spoke with Jayson Miller on their website, he basically said sorry for the inconvenience and there is nothing they can do about it. Very upsetting for me. I need to keep my grades up for my internship.

Ridiculous amount of money, poor grade, and disappointing customer service support.

All in all a heartbreaking experience.

Beware of Scams: Due to the increasing number of phishing scams, visit only official writing services websites.

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