“If your care about not wasting your hard earned money.. STAY AWAY FROM CODINGZAP”

I would never in good conscience advise anyone to use this Codingzap; I spent about $300 on a series of Java projects, which I received all BAD grades for. One project they did not deliver on the deadline but they took initial payment telling me they could do the work. 24hrs after the deadline passed they emailed me saying ” Sorry for the inconvenience, we could not deliver the solution”. They also refused to refund me my money for bad quality work even after I sent them the grade report.

This company is super unprofessional in that when you’re asking for a refund due to their mistake, they don’t respond to your emails and the support safe refuse to respond to your IM as soon as they decipher the reason for your calling them but if you want to contract a new job to them, they are quick to respond.

You are better off doing the project your self and getting a bad grade while keeping your money than using CODINGZAP. The mistake I made is that Is that I did not read reviews before contracting this company. STAY AWAY you have been warned!

They can solve only the basics.

Beware of Scams: Due to the increasing number of phishing scams, visit only official writing services websites. Codingzap scam and fraud!

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