BuyOnlineClass Review Scam and Fraud!

My real review on BuyOnlineClass service:

This company is a complete sham. All of their expert profiles are fake, they make out that they have a panel of experts all with degrees and Masters from UK universities but they just outsource the work to Asia to people that can barely speak English that just cut as paste irrelevant information from the internet.

I asked them to write a 5000 word assigment, I waited 2 months and then received a document that a 5 year old would have been embarassed to have written. They offered to rewrite it for more money, I agreed and waited a couple more days and got the same document back that they had changed a couple of words. This company is a joke, avoid at all costs.

It would be better for me to submit nothing than to submit the rubbish they sent me. Now they are just ignoring me rather than trying to sort out the issue.

Ignore any positive reviews of this company, I can guarantee they are fake…

Beware of Scams: Due to the increasing number of phishing scams, visit only official writing services websites.

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  1. Listen you are doing a really good job. I have read your reviews and they are helpful for choice right service. Thanks;)

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