I got 25/100 for my java programming assignment. Firstly it was submitted late. Secondly I got a terrible grade as mentioned. Thirdly, I got logged out of my account and no one is helping me with it despite having to be on chat and email and whatever for a whole week.

They will ignore your emails and chat will tell u that they cannot help you. I just want the .m file. I’m not even asking for a refund. I just want to log in for the solution.

But no. They will tell u that they cannot help you, or ignore you. I paid $550 btw. For nothing. And I also wasted so much time. I could have gotten an equal or maybe even higher grade doing it on my own. Experts, really?

Also, half the time you’re prob talking to a robot. Cos I submitted a random photo in order to open a chat and guess what, I got a quotation for that random photo? I wonder where in that photo had an assignment question that a prof can charge me to do the work? Subsequently I kept getting messages to pay so that they can start on my assignment. Wow. I am really baffled at how this site works.

I am really bad at java and I thought someone can help me and I might just not fail my assignment but I guess I am worse at making decisions. Do not be like me. Do not trust this site!

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