Review Scam and Fraud!

My real review on Artscolumbia service:

The process is very convenient; however, my biggest disappointment was that I took the time to give specific directions but I don’t think the Artscolumbia ever took the time to read them. I don’t know if there is a disconnect between the person taking the order and the need but I had a project due on Friday.

I placed my order 3 days out. The Artscolumbia decided to write on something that I specifically stated NOT to write on. The Artscolumbia never completed an outline that I could review before writing the paper. The Artscolumbia did not understand MLA in text citation. He/she dodo never completed the annotated bibliography which I specifically asked for in the beginning.

I was told that I had to pay an additional $75 because they overlooked it during the quote. The Artscolumbia had no original thoughts in the paper. Everything referenced a source. The paper was completed two days LATE and I still did not receive the annotated bibliography. I felt like whoever the Artscolumbia was, he/she had no interest in what I needed and continued to do what they wanted.

This was by far the worst service of this kind. The processor assured me that this isn’t the kind of service they normally provide but something tells me that’s a lie.

Beware of Scams: Due to the increasing number of phishing scams, visit only official writing services websites.

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