Review Scam and Fraud!

My real review on AllAssignmentExperts service:

I communicated with a “Mark” who asked me to send in the SPSS raw data, I explained in detail what questions pertaining to the raw data i needed answering and explained what problems I found using the multiple regression- the need to fix the multicollinearity problem.

They then asked me to send the multiple regression output I did using SPSS 22, then basically replied that they got the same result. They then sent a regression output to me that never solved my stats problem.

Then they said “trial and error” then to see if they could find a solution. They sent me the output for a hierarchical regression claiming it did solve the muticollinearity problem and stats questions; I had not seen the output and communicated with them to write it up.

When I got home and read what they had written, it did not actually solve the stats questions nor did it solve the multicollinearity problem. I told them this and asked for my money ($390) back as they had not provided the service, to find the solution for my stats problem.

They ignored that request, then did not offer to continue to find a solution to my stats problem and they kept the money!! you decide if you really want to take a chance with them. I also could not find the name of the company in companies house and they use the same mobile number number it seems for all parts of the US- steer clear is my advice.

I think they are somewhere in India…

Beware of Scams: Due to the increasing number of phishing scams, visit only official writing services websites.

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