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I ordered a paper with this 15% discount code, having never used a writing service before. I work full-time in addition to school, and work demands were keeping me from meeting school deadlines. I requested the paper 3 days before it was due, just in case I needed to polish it up, but I didn’t think I would have to since they use “world-class writers.”

The paper was delivered 12 hours early, but I nearly had a heart attack when I read it. It was full of typos, disorganized, had sentences that were basically gibberish, and the writer hadn’t followed the instructions I provided at all. It was like an 8th-grade kid wrote it.

Having exactly 3 days left, I put it in for revision and requested a new writer. Customer service of AffordablePapers was very kind and helpful. It took about 36 hours before a new writer took it on and during that time I was so nervous that I just started writing the paper instead of sleeping. I saw no other option, since the first paper was so horrendous that I had no idea what to expect with the revision.

The second writer’s work was immensely better than the first, and he or she got their work finished with incredible speed, but by then I had halfway finished the paper myself. So I just turned in my own.

I don’t think is a bad company (though I don’t know what rock they found the first “writer” under). What happened to me is probably not typical. But ultimately, the whole situation was much more stressful than if I had just done the work myself, which is what I eventually did anyway.

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