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How do students plagiarize content from the internet and otherwise, for essays?

While this act may seem unethical and not a good sense of judgment on the part of the student, it is in a lot of cases something that a student cannot help but give in to. Plagiarism is the act of taking information or data from another source while claiming that it is originally one’s material. This kind of practice is seen as a widespread act amongst students within schools and universities, where a strict academic rule is followed against this very act in most of them. Suspension from class or even expulsion is something that colleges/universities enforce so as not to bring up students that do not respect another’s work or who fail on their part to produce honest work.


Why do students plagiarize when they cannot help it?

Pressure from colleges and universities are putting students in a tight spot when it comes to submitting a vast array of essays within a short span of time. Given the fact that students aren’t machines but humans, the faculty of a college/university fails to understand just how much is too much. Because students find the submission load overbearing and stressful, they resort to acts of plagiarism. Whether it’s the internet or from textual sources, students find it increasingly easy to take content without considering the repercussions of their actions. It is a recurring incident if the faculty isn’t strict about reviewing work to make sure it is authentic and not copied.

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Does paying a web site to do an essay really help students?

Surprisingly, there are companies around the world that are teeming with professional essay typer that are willing to write an original essay for you, at a reasonable price. The idea is to take the load off of students under ridiculous submission pressure from colleges/universities. Students are looking towards such saving methods to make essay writing a breeze and not a burden.

Are these web sites trustworthy? How do they work?


To know if a web site is worthy, a student needs to of course look for reviews about the essay writing services portal. There are people making a good steady fortune from students, especially those in graduate/post graduate levels. While the drawback is that a student may rely heavily on this method of submitting assignments while losing out on actually learning anything, he/she usually does it to take some of the pressure off. It is not exactly cheap to constantly pay for such services since the more time the professional writer has to spend on an essay, the more money a student pays.

These web sites function by first providing options like choosing the subject, selecting the number of pages of the essay and how soon an assignment is needed. It can be received in a surprising 3 hours if a student is willing to pay. It shouldn’t surprise students to discover that such a service exists, since it is becoming increasingly evident that it is a tried and tested method of handing in readymade essays.


  1. Getting professional help is not new to students these days. I guess, the best way to know if you are using a trust-worthy service is knowing how long they have been around and taking a good look on the students’ reviews. Getting recommendations is also a good thing to do. This lets you know that someone has really used the service.

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